“Being kind and understanding makes the world a better place.”

Ralph Jones Jr., CEO of T&T Highway Express, LLC

Ralph Jones Jr. is the CEO of T&T Highway Express, LLC which is a trucking company based out of Houston, Texas. Mr. Jones was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2005 Mr. Jones started his trucking journey. In August of 2005 Mr. Jones attended Swift Transportation CDL Program to obtain his CDL. From 2005 until 2009 he worked for a few other trucking companies like Coca-Cola, Conway Freight and Sysco. Mr. Jones worked at Sysco Food Memphis from 2009 until 2012, in early 2012Mr. Jones realized it had to be something more to life. After many years of struggling with day to day life experiences he decided that change was inevitable. Through an abundance of research, he realized Houston was one of the most audacious cities for entrepreneurship. In 2012 Mr. Jones packed up his life up and moved to the audacious city of Houston, Texas. After three years of working for Sysco Food Houston and CVS Pharmacy as a truck driver, Mr. Jones decided it was time to embark of the beautiful journey of entrepreneurship.

T&T Highway Express, LLC was founded in June of 2015 where he obtained his first truck and hired his first employee. Unfortunately, during Hurricane Harvey his truck was totaled, and he had to lay off his first employee. After a great deal of research, networking events, hard work, and dedication he was able to rebrand T&T Highway Express, LLC with not one but four trucks and trailers. After being out of service for eight months he was able to rehire his first employee plus six more. Since being back in service he has become even more understand, offering second chances to drivers with numerous infractions on their driving record. Mr. Jones believes life happens and everyone deserves second chances. In addition, he spends much of his time giving back to in need communities.

Ralph Jones is a talented leader whose positive demeanor has a tremendous impact on all of his employees. He is very dedicated and understanding; often going above and beyond what most would do to make his employees comfortable and eager to come into work. Mr. Jones can be contacted at r.jones@tthighwayexpress.com


Mr. Jones has a heart of gold and believes that

“being kind and understanding makes the world a better place”.